3. Oktober 2019

Konferenz und Expertentreff

Besuchen Sie den DigitAllDay am 03.10.2019 und gestalten Sie die digitale Transformation aktiv mit!

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Cardeas provides independent consulting services in the smart-card industry. We target the supply industry for card vendors, payment card issuers and acquirers.


Besuchen Sie den DigitAllDay und werden Sie Teil der digitalen Transformation:

Market Excellence

Card business is no popular industry. Cardeas helps you to seize this market, its players and the potential development. We research special niches, if your planning needs more information than provided by the big market research agencies.

Smart Card Modules

Microchips make plastic cards smart. We provide you with the appropriate product advice, connect you to leading suppliers of semiconductors, operating systems and applications. The product range covers native and Java based OS for payment and identification.

Production and Personalisation

Making smart cards is more than a print job. We support card makers and those looking for excellent producers of smart cards. It's a long way for a piece of plastic to become a personal item. Expectations are high, security and diligence are a must. We are home in this part of the value chain, where hardware meets software. There is a solution for almost every need and Cardeas knows, who is best in class in this industry.

Acceptance Infrastructure

Cards want to be used. No issuance without acquiring. Since POS terminals have become mobile, Cardeas is also active in the mPOS industry.

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